The Board

Erinna Lane

Presiding Member (Chair)

Tania Bagley


Kylie McKay

Staff Representative

Tania Ruki

Parent Representative

Jean-Michel Burgess

Parent Representative

Sarah Swan

Parent Representative

Regan Ruki

Parent Representative

Marie Emmett

Board Minute Taker

The Pekapekarau School Board is focused on governance that fosters and supports the ongoing improvement of student progress and achievement. The Board sets the strategic direction for the school and governs via its policies, which it entrusts to the Principal to implement.

The Board usually meets twice a term on a Wednesday starting at 5:30pm. Parents are always welcome to attend and the specific dates for the meetings are mentioned in the school’s newsletter.

Board meeting minutes can be found in the board folder available through the school office. Key decisions and updates will also be shared through the school newsletter.