Parent Information

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Uniform at Pekapekarau School is compulsory and can be purchased from our school office from 8.30 am – 3.30 pm on weekdays or via email or phone call with online payment.

Uniform Price List
  • Polo: $36.00
  • Polo Shirt Size S, M: $46.00
  • Navy Polo Fleece: $60.00
  • Navy Polo Fleece size 14-22, XS, S, M, L: $70.00
  • School Jacket (optional): $65.00
  • School Jacket 14 -22, XS, S, M, L: $75.00
  • Skort: $38.00
  • Shorts: $38.00
  • Bucket Hat: $18.00
FOOTWEAR: black shoes with navy/black socks or black sandals.
SUMMER: We are a SunSmart accredited school and so our school hat is compulsory for Terms 1 & 4 when the sun is at its hottest.
WINTER: Girls can also wear black/navy stockings under the skort.
Top Tip: Name all clothing clearly to avoid clothing being lost.

Online Banking:     

Bank account details are: Pekapekarau School
Account Number: 12 3134 0056652 00
Particulars: Child’s name
Code: Room Number
Reference: What the fees are paying for: e.g., polo shirt, uniform 
Stationery packs are purchased from our school office. We use the power of bulk purchasing to secure the best quality stationery at the lowest available prices.
Parents and whānau are welcome to buy additional items such as pencil cases, decorative pens and colouring pencils for your children if you want to. Please ring Catherine or Christine in the office on 871 6025 or email for current prices.
  • Students that live more than 4.8km from Pekapekarau School (and are within our zone) are eligible to travel on the bus at no cost.
  • Other students can travel on the bus provided they purchase a bus tag each term and are prepared to get to the nominated stops along the bus route.  The Te Awamutu Combined School Transport committee set the bus routes and the price of the bus tags which are purchased from the school office.
  • No bus tag = No ride. 
  • Pekapekarau students are expected to adhere to our Pekapekarau Values at all times, including whilst travelling on the bus.
  • Parents, whānau and caregivers are expected to support the school by encouraging positive behaviour on the bus. 
  • Students that do not observe the behaviour expectations set out below are at risk of not being allowed to travel on the bus.
When Pekapekarau students travel on the bus they are expected to represent our values:

Self Manage 

  • Remain sitting down on one seat for the duration of the trip
  • Eat my lunch and snacks at school or at home
  • Keep my feet off the seats 
  • Carry my bus tag


Team Player 

  • Respect another child/ren
  • Use kind words 
  • Keep my hands and feet to myself 
  • Use an appropriate talking volume 


Aim High 

  • Respect the Pekapekarau adults that help get you on and off the bus 
  • Respect the Go Bus vehicle and the driver 
  • Wear my school uniform on the bus (unless it is mufti day)



  • Seek help from the bus driver, trusted adult or a school teacher when needed 
Non-compliance will result in:
  1. Verbal warning to student – In the first instance, the bus driver and/or Pekapekarau School staff member will correct the behaviour by reminding the student what the expected behaviour is when travelling on the bus. 
  2. Contact with parents/whānau – Continued non-compliance will result in a Pekapekarau School staff member notifying the parents/whānau in writing or a phone call to let them know their child is not following the Pekapekarau School bus behaviour expectations.  A stand-down period  (from bus travel) of up to 1 week may be imposed at this time. 
Ring Catherine or Christine on 871 6025 or email for current bus tag prices. 

The Safe and Happy Club

The Safe and Happy Club is an independent Out of School Care programme that has been operating since 2011 in the Pekapekarau School Hall.

We are open from 7-8.30am for Breakfast Club and 3-5.45pm for Afterschool Care and right through the school holidays period we also run a Holiday Programme. We are MSD approved so we have the WINZ subsidy available for those that qualify. All our staff are police vetted and there is always someone onsite with a first aid certificate. Our staff are experienced and there to care for your children.

All our bookings are completed online ––happy-club-ltd or please email or call 0277278970 to speak to Natalie – if you require further information.

It’s important that your child attends school regularly so they continue to make good academic progress.

If your child is away sick, it is important that you let us know that they will be absent. There are several ways that you can let us know:
1. Use SchoolApps to call or email: the form will remember your details making it easy to notify us next time.
2. Ring Catherine or Christine on 07 871 6025
If we don’t hear from you our office staff will give you a call or send a text to see where your child is. 
If we can’t get hold of you or if regular attendance is a problem for your child, we may engage Helen Bright, the combined Te Awamutu Schools Attendance Officer to support your whānau and child to come to school.  

Common reasons to keep your child home if they are unwell

  • Influenza and Colds – if your child is coughing and sneezing, has a sudden onset of fever with a cough, sore throat, sore muscles and or a headache. They will need to stay away for as many days as it takes them to be well.   
  • Chickenpox– children should stay home for 1 week from the appearance of rash or until all blisters have dried.
  • School Sores – in most cases, children will need antibiotic treatment. Children need to stay at home until the scabs have dried up or for 24 hours after starting antibiotics. 
  • Nausea, Diarrhoea or Vomiting – stay home until they are well and for 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting.
  • Headlice – while you don’t have to stay at home, please treat us as soon as possible and let us know in case we need to inform other members of the class. 
In all cases, you will need to contact Catherine or Christine on 871 6025 or email to let us know your child will be away.  

Injuries Requiring First Aid Treatment 
We have multiple first aids trained teachers and staff at Pekapekarau School who can provide treatment for minor school bumps, grazes and bruises. 
For a serious injury, following our own first aid assessment we would contact emergency services if required, then we will contact parents and whānau.  

Head Injury
If your child bumps their head at school, we will call you even if they don’t need treatment beyond an icepack as you will need to continue to monitor them at home for signs of concussion.
Read the guidelines and symptoms surrounding concussion here: Ministry of Health Head Injury and Concussion.

Through the Ka Ora, Ka Ako | healthy school lunches programme, our school is able to offer your child delicious, healthy lunches for free provided by specialist caterers – BITELAB.  Your child only needs to bring a snack for morning tea and the rest will be provided. The menus change each term and can be previewed on our Facebook Page and Newsletters.

Please click on the link to view the Term 4 Sample Menu here.