Pekapekarau School Behaviour Matrix

We teach our students the behaviour expectations at Pekapekarau. Below is a matrix that shows what is expected in the range of contexts around our school. In class, teachers teach explicit lessons to unpack each expectation described in the matrix. All of our teachers have the same understanding of what expected behaviour at Pekapekarau looks like, we all use the same language as described in our matrix and we all positively praise and recognise students we see behaving appropriately.

Pekapekarau School Values Cards 

At Pekapekarau School we reward positive behaviour with values cards. Children can earn these cards by displaying any of the behaviours in our Behaviour Matrix. Each card earnt contributes to an individual, class and whole school positive reinforcement. While it’s important to demonstrate our values to be a Pekapekarau Star individually, it takes us all to work together to achieve the Pekapekarau Way across the school!
Principal, DP, Teachers, Teacher Angels and Office staff will give these out in classrooms, the playground and the office.

They will be given to children for displaying our school values (things in the Behaviour expectation Matrix)

Values Card Rewards

The card works for you in 3 ways

  1. You will be helping the WHOLE SCHOOL earn a reward 
  2. You will be helping your HOUSE earn house points 
  3. You can save for an individual reward


Whole School Reward 

  • For every 5 tokens collected by a class, 1 ball will be added to the school-wide total.  e.g., If your class collects 15 tokens, 3 balls will be added to the school tally that week, along with the other classes’ contributions                                      
  • Once our container is full, we will select a reward from the list below that the whole school to enjoy 


House Rewards 

  • On Thursday afternoon Value/House Leaders will visit your classroom and count up the number of Pekapekarau tokens your class has collected that week for each house
  • Each token is worth 5 house points! 
  • All the classes tokens will be counted and the house points will be announced at the assembly
  • The house points will also be displayed around our Kura


Individual Rewards

  • Cards are kept track of by the classroom teacher 
  • Teachers and Staff can click tamariki cards while in the classroom
  • If a student receives a token while outside the classroom they can place this in their house jar and receive a click on their card
  • Once a student reaches these targets they can receive a prize or SAVE for a bigger one
  • Cross off in a marker how many clicks a student has used on their card