Senior Leadership 


Tania Bagley

Deputy Principal

Kylie McKay

Kaiako (Teachers)

Room 1 (Leader of Learning)

Ginny Mitchell

Room 2

Renee Lyon

Room 3 (Leader of Learning)

Israel Hepi

Room 5

Louise Macro

Room 6

Christine Letford

Room 9

Jenni Nelson

Room 10

Claire Jamieson-Young

Room 11

Natasha Martin

Room 12 (Leader of Learning)

Josie Robinson

Learning Support Coordinator

Kath Grindrod

Classroom Release Teacher 

Robyn Spice

Room 6

Adelle Taylor

Support Staff

Executive Officer

Christine Roach

Administration Assistant

Catherine Monkley

Learning Assistant

Jude Shaw

Learning Assistant

Louise Emery

Learning Assistant

Hera Healey

Learning Assistant

Emma Stockman

Learning Assistant

Loren Evans


Kayte Shaw


Morris Griffin


Sharon Saunders